Clear Fog

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mandate to Morals

Clear Fog

In the aftermath of the election folks, mostly demos, are saying, "what happened?" Amidst threats of supposedly thousands of lawyers ready to contest local and state election results, and the sepctre of thousands of "new" voters for Kerry, the nation voted in "W" for a second term. Now only was he voted in but the results were overwhelming on several fronts. The question being asked is, "Is this a mandate from the masses?"

I say "YES"! The major point of interest (on one side) or contention (the other side) was morals. It wasnt' the war, economy, education, medicine, medicare, social security; it was/is morals. In spite of what is presented as normal fare from the media and liberal left, the majority of the country still has morals.

When will the democrats realize that lies, deceit, attacks against people and institutions of faith, especailly Christians, and the the mocking of ideals of decency, manners, integrity and honesty will never put them into the seat of leadership.

Bottom line is that God is in control. He is not a republican nor a democrat, but He does honor His Word. He promises to vindicate the righteous whether they be an Elephant or a Donkey. No matter how folks try to change this country it WAS founded on Biblical, Christian Christian principles. Those that honor God will in turn be blessed and protected by Him. I don't believe in the saying that "God is on our side", but rather one is "on God's side".

It's ok to have different opinions, ideals and attitudes about politics, etc. But, when they vilolate GOD's Word, then they are in trouble and will come to no avail.

What do you think?